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PRCEM service value

We have been practicing "Try our best to serve you the best" service tenet!

Whether it is the customer service or service pre-sales, PRCEM will realize our commitments we will go to all lengths, make all-out efforts! We always attach great importance to provide quality services to support the market for our customers.

Pre sale service:

- whether or not to buy our products, our company can get the professional knowledge and technical training. In the system scheme of you before, can get our systems implementation consultancy and proposal. Welding problem

- for the production of your encounter, we can tailor-made the best solution for you.

- whenever you need to implement plan, can first ask my company for you to carry out welding and cutting technology experiment, in order to validate the feasibility of the project.

In sale services:

- my company's equipment installation, commissioning, trial operation are carried out in the senior engineers with rich experience under the auspices of, so can solve technical problems you within the fastest time.

- for technical problems occurred during the test run, my company is the longest respond in 24 hours in response time we will be based on your specific requirements, to jointly determine the solution with you.

After sale service:

Operation and routine maintenance work, the product equipment, will be responsible by the technical staff on the client side, our technical staff will provide product training and guiding for you.

The company's storage sufficient spare parts, can guarantee the client will not delay the operation of the system, because of the lack of spare parts and special situation, can provide the corresponding types of equipment using temporary substitute.

To date, the factory products, all of our products on production to provide quality assurance: the quality of the three months of internal cannot use no reason for a refund, return or replacement of the same specifications of new products within one year free warranty and lifetime maintenance products.

The fault caused by non-human damage, warranty cost all by my party, if the product belongs to the human, our customer is responsible for the repair, party to pay the corresponding spare parts cost. In the whole life cycle of product endoplasm as failure, 24 hours in response to client demand for services, 8 hours of work out solutions to problems, such as on-site service related technical personnel will be in 24 hours (within 1000KM) /48 hours (above 1000KM) arrived at the designated location.