Welding process

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Welding process

Some welding process as below:

Tungsten argon arc welding of TIG (GTAW)

Provide high quality and precision welding The appearance of weld Remote control welding line energy

Gas welding of MAG/MIG (GMAW)

The welding process of the most easy to learn The welding speed The use of the most extensive

Pulsed TIG (GTAW-P)

Can adapt to the thin wall work Small welding deformation Efficient

Hot wire TIG

welding of TIG I company for high quality welding a high efficient welding technology proposed Compared to cold wire TIG welding cladding ordinary rate increase 2 times

TT welding

Dynamic wire hot wire TIG welding Deposition rate of nearly pulse MIG welding Reach the minimum dilution rate To achieve the highest quality of welding

Flux cored arc welding (FCAW)

Strong adaptive capacity to environment Suitable for field processing The welding workpiece thick can gain a deeper penetration High deposition efficiency

Submerged arc (SAW)

High welding deposition rate can ensure the welding speed and efficiency Excellent mechanical properties conducive to high quality and inspection requirements Especially suitable for welding of prefabricated thick wall pipe and high pressure pipeline Internal and external double submerged arc welding can be realized 12mm wall thickness can be achieved without groove Grade I weld quality

CMT welding

Implementation of MIG/MAG no welding The realization of the 0.3mm welding of thin plate Cold metal droplet transition, heat input and the dilution rate is extremely low.


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