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Petroleum and chemical industry
China petroleum and natural gas, the sixth construction company
- Sinopec Ningbo engineering company
- Chinese chemical engineering sixteenth Construction Co., Ltd.
- China Chemical Engineering Second Construction Group Co., Ltd.
Ninth - China Chemical Construction Co. Ltd.
- China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau Second Engineering Company
Maoming southwest Petrochemical Engineering Construction Co. Ltd.
Qingdao Petrochemical overhaul engineering installation Co. Ltd.
- Huayouyiji (Hebei) factory drilling equipment Co., Ltd.
Urumqi Petrochemical General Factory

Engineering installation
- built in the industrial equipment installation Co., Ltd.
Fujian industrial equipment installation Co., Ltd.
Fujian province Qinglong industrial equipment installation company
Zhejiang industrial equipment installation Co., Ltd.
Hunan industrial equipment installation Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu Jiang'an Group Co. Ltd.
Heilongjiang Hualong Electric Power Engineering Company
Guangxi electric power engineering company
Daming, Shengli Oil Field Engineering Construction Company Limited

Petrochemical machinery, equipment, pressure vessel
Tianjin Jinbin Petrochemical Equipment Co., Ltd.
Shandong Huatong Petrochemical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Lanzhou Taihe Petrochemical Equipment Co., Ltd.
- China HQCEC project of Qinzhou port patent equipment manufacturing branch
Shandong province construction of high pressure container Co., Ltd
Fujian Sanming Shuanglun Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd
Xiamen Longxing Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd.
Shenyang military logistics department, engineering installation group

Tower Industry
Anhui Hongyuan steel tower Co Ltd
Suzhou East steel tower Co Ltd
- Chengdu Iron Tower Factory
Nanjing Daji Iron Tower Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu Electric Power Equipment Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu Huadian Iron Tower Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Hengshui tonguang Tower Industry Co., Ltd.
Wenzhou Taichang Tower Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Guangdong, increase steel structure Co. Ltd.
Qingdao Qiangli Steel Co. Ltd.
Jiangsu Xin Wu transmission equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Ships and marine engineering
Shanghai shipyard Co., Ltd.
Shanghai COSCO Shipping Engineering Co., Ltd.
Fujian Mawei shipbuilding Limited by Share Ltd
Zhejiang Shipbuilding Co. Ltd.
Fujian southeast shipyard
Shanghai port shipping service company
Yantai CIMC Raffles offshore Ltd
- the Pacific Ocean Engineering (Zhoushan) Co., Ltd.

Coal mine and anti-corrosion
Shanxi Lu'an Huayi Industrial Co. Ltd.
Huainan Mining Group Hongyang Industrial and Trading Company
Shanxi, a Industrial and Trading Company
Anhui Haicheng Technology Co., Ltd.
Anhui province Guangyao Pipe Industry Co Ltd
Yangzhong City Jia Yong Pipe Industry Co., Ltd.
Shanxi Li Tong Composite Materials Co Ltd
Huaibei Jinyu Electromechanical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Hubei Huaning anticorrosion technology Limited by Share Ltd

Gas equipment industry
Fehilju Ann transmission and distribution equipment (Chengdu) Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Chunhui intelligent Holdings Limited
Zhengzhou Zheng fuel pressure regulating equipment Co., Ltd.
Love mountains and natural gas transmission and distribution equipment Co., Ltd.
Jason - Chengdu transmission and Distribution Equipment Industry Co Ltd
Hebei Ruixing regulator Co. Ltd.
Hebei Huixing voltage regulator Co. Ltd.
Hebei Anxin Gas Equipment Co., Ltd.
Cangnan Instrument Factory

Hydraulic pipeline industry
- Haimen power hydraulic oil pipeline equipment Industrial Company
Shanghai Lian Lubrication Equipment Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu River Hairun fluid equipment Co., Ltd.

Double metal composite pipe
Shanghai Hailong anticorrosion Co. Ltd.
Dalian science and Technology Co., Ltd.
Xi'an Xiangyang Aerospace Composite Materials Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Xingxin Pipeline Co. Ltd.
Shandong buoy & Pipe Industry Co., Ltd.
Ningbo Wanli pipeline Co Ltd
- cimtas Ningbo Steel Co. Ltd.
Henan Guangda Pipe Industry Co Ltd
Shanghai Jiawan Industrial Company
Hengyang Hongtao machinery processing Co., Ltd.
Quanzhou Zhongtian Petrochemical Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Fujian Minglin steel tower steel structure Co., Ltd.
Hangzhou Wulin Machinery Co., Ltd.