BHWM Pipe Inner Wall

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BHWM Pipe Inner Wall


Model specification:

Pipe diameter applicable for BHWM -24: Φ219-630mm, pipe diameter applicable for BHWM -32: Φ219-813mm. If the pipe diameteris not in this range, it is possible to make depends on customers’ demands.

Use: The equipment can effectively make surfacing welding for the inner wall ofthe pipes made of two different kinds of metal so as to improve the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of workpiece. Special workpiece can be manufactured according to customers’ requirement.

Performance features: 1. Welding oscillating device and its main components are all imported. 2. Welding parameters all used in digital processing, has productivity setting andcurrent output display function. 3. With opened welding program expert database. (can store 10 sets welding programs). 4. With welding line length automatic control function, only need to input the pipe specification and welding layer to the man-machine interface, and the system will automatically operating, no need manual adjustment.   5. With electrical advancing and retreating gun mechanism, welding gun canautomatically return to its original position after welding. 6. With axial detection system to avoid welding deviation so that it can provide uniform starting point for multi-welding. 7. With lengthwise detection system to eliminate the effect of the pipe bend and ellipticity on welding.  

Technical parameters:

Applicable pipe length(m)


Applicable pipe wall thickness(mm)


Loading weight(kg)

≤5000 or 10000

Surfacing welding thickness(mm)

Depends on customers’ demands

Surfacing welding width(mm)

Depends on customers’ demands

Lengthwise detection range(mm)


Axial tracing range(mm)


Surfacing welding layers(layer)


Swing frequency(times/min)


Welding gun swing range(mm)


Left, middle, right remaining time(s)