HWM-50 small diameter

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HWM-50 small diameter inner wall

Types and specifications:

HWM-50, minimum diameter: diameter 50mm, the maximum welding welding depth: 1500mm

The equipment uses for the small diameter steel pipe inner wall welding machine is mainly used for automatic welding inner wall and the outer surface of various steel, mainly used in automatic welding valve, petroleum and petrochemical, chemical machinery and other industries all kinds of material of steel pipe.


Welding process

  • Argon arc (TIG/ hot wire TIG/TT)
  • Cold metal transfer welding (CMT)
  • Pulsed MIG/MAG, MIG/MAG DC
  • Other

The welding quality: To meet the requirements of welding quality grade I weld; To meet the requirement of weld dilution rate; To meet the mechanical property test, internal grinding, corrosion and other requirements.

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