MPAW-24 multifunctional pipeline

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MPAW-24 multifunctional

Types and specifications Application of MPAW-24, diameter 60-630mm, the elbow is less than or equal to Phi 426mm phi; customization

Application of the equipment:  The multifunctional pipeline welding center is mainly used for automatic welding of pipelines in various industries, can realize automatic welding pipe and straight pipe, straight pipe and the conical pipe and the straight pipe and flange, straight pipe and elbow, straight and three other workpieces, compared pipeline backing and filling and covering a whole machine is suitable for the pipe - pipe butt weld and while the flange fillet weld gun inserted to realize synchronous automatic welding; at the same time, welding position and no shelter, layout rack for conveniently workpiece rolled into, get out, loading and unloading without the help of crane.

Workpiece form

Welding process

Up Welding gun

Down Welding gun

□ gas protection (GMAW)

□ argon arc (TIG/ hot wire TIG)

□ argon arc + gas protection (TIG/ hot wire TIG+GMAW)

□ gas protection (GMAW)

The welding quality

The butt weld backing weld can realize double-sided forming single-sided welding and weld reinforcement height control; Ray detection or ultrasonic detection meets the butt weld, low grade and welds more than 98% pass rate; I go to meet the impact and tensile and bending mechanical performance test requirements The angle welding welding height and pressure to meet the test requirements.

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