Numerical Control Cutting

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CTA 12/24


Model specification: Pipe diameter applicable for CTA-12: Ф60—325mm and pipe diameter applicable for CTA-24: Ф325—630mm

Performance features: 1.Cutting pipe and two bevels simultaneously, applicable for machining large amounts of bevels and cutting pipes. 2.Using mechanical rotary cutting, cutting pipe and bevel simultaneously, good bevel quality 3.Centering clamping automatically by pneumatic or hydraulic cylinder with symmetric multi-points. With adjustable clamping force, it can effectively prevent pipe from clamping deformation to meet the requirements of precision       bevel processing. 4.The main machine tool of the beveling machine is automatically lifting and lowering to achieve the machining requirements of pipes with different pipe diameters. 5.It can be equipped with rack, pipe conveying roller and automatic loading and unloading materials device to realize the production line operation. 6.Using the electrical PLC control system and built-in program to automatically adjust the cutting speed in the machining process.

Technical parameters:

Materials applicable

Carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel 

Beveling capacity

≤5min/two pipe bevels(pipe wall thickness:10mm)

Main engine power 


Bevel shape

I, V, U, two Vs

Applicable pipe wall thickness


Clamping system

Both pipe ends automatic centering and clamping

Cutter rev

CTA-12:50~150r/mm, CTA-24::20-70 r/mm(stepless speed adjustment)

Cutting speed

0~60mm/min(stepless speed adjustment)

Max. length applicable

12000mm or as per customers’demands

Machine weight

About 5T/8T