Transportable Pipe Cutting&Beveling

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Transportable Pipe (MPBWW Series)


Model specification: Pipe diameter applicable for MPBWW-16: Φ60(108)-426mm, pipe diameter applicable for MPBWW-24: Φ60(108)-630mm.

Use: Applicable for pipe beveling prefabrication before welding on pipe installing occasions. No need fixed workshop, applicable for moving working between various projects

Performance features: Beveling system: flame, plasma, mechanical cutting Flame and plasma beveling shape: I and V Mechanical cutting beveling shape: I, V, U, double V, etc. It can make up the transportable piping prefabrication production line with other welding workstation or fitting-up workstation

Technical parameters:

Container sizes

6m, 9m or 12m

Materials applicable

carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, etc.

Machining units

Single unit or multi-units 

Basic structures:

Main parts configuration(depends on customers’ demands)

Matching system(depends on customers’ demands)

Special container

Trolley track conveying system 

PGM series numerical control flame (plasma) length-measuring cutting machine

Piping conveying roller

PCMeries accurate pipe cutting machine

Numerical control length-measuring system

CTA series numerical control cutting and beveling machine

Automatic lifting and lowering conveying roller

PBM series horizontal pipe lengthwise beveling machine

Cantilever crane

PSM series pipe cutting band saw machine